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What is Ayurveda?

A 5,000 year old life science rooted in ancient India, its literal meaning in Sanskrit is ‘The Science of Life’. It has been passed on for thousands of years  by Vedic masters to their disciples by word of mouth, written recordings of these teachings were started but there is still so much left to uncover. Ayurveda looks at the being as a whole, encompassing the mind and the body - a truly holistic approach to well-being. As one of the oldest healing systems in the world it has been called the ‘Mother of all Healing’.

Ayurveda teaches that every being has its own balance, and to create a sense of well-being one must look to live in that balance. It teaches that all ill health stems from an in-balance in the body and that if corrected soon enough, ill health can be easily avoided. Its main teaching principles covers the basic elements in life; fire, water, air, ether and Mother Earth.
Supplement Guru aims to combine these teachings with modern science to bring you the most complete supplements. We understand the complexities and pressures in life but supporting your health should not be one of them. We have done the hard work that you can benefit from optimum balanced living.